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Zinc Phosphate Process. Click on product shot to see a larger image. Zinc Phosphate Coating from Best Metal Finishing

Zinc phosphate coating gives base metal surfaces non-conductive, non-metallic properties. It also provides an excellent base for other materials such as paint, plastic or rubber. Phosphate provides corrosion resistance and is an excellent subsurface for drawing compounds, lubricants and sealants. Phosphate is generally specified by coating weight, rather than thickness, and provides an excellent surface for oil absorption. For added corrosion resistance or additional lubricity, post coatings such as seals, waxes or lacquer can also be applied to phosphate. Phosphate also reduces break-in wear on adjacent moving surfaces, improves torque-tension relationships and provides anti-galling and lubrication during cold forming processes such as deep-draw extrusions.

Best Metal Finishing offers two different Zinc Phosphate processes:

Barrel Phosphate — For this process, Best Metal Finishing uses smaller barrels on a 45° axis to handle lighter, more delicate parts. The slight rotation of our plating barrels assists in the cleaning process and provides a more even coating while minimizing the damage to parts. Post coatings such as seals, waxes and lacquer are applied after the plating process.

Basket Phosphate — For larger or even more delicate parts, we use a non-rotating basket process. Gentle dipping and swishing motions ensure complete coverage. Post coatings are also available on our basket line.

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